Saturday, January 3, 2015

The dart experiment

Something to measure, the objective study

The darts game is very simple. But it takes a lot of attention or sagacity or something to perform better. Additionally it has a way to get numbers for measuring. I was trying to measure the something in effect of some activity.

Our world is a chaos

The relation of cause and effect is very hard to associate when our practical world is full of chaos. For example, eating something or doing something may or may not affect the something straight-forward. There are so many things interacting each other.

But there are measurements

I did the experiment for fun. Though I have a vogue intention to find the causality. I kept the records of the events and how they affect the performance of the darts game. The events are given below,

  1. Eating rice, cauliflower, soya nugget, olive oil, spinach, orange dish.
  2. Eating areca nut.
  3. Cognitive task and swimming.
  4. Meditation.
  5. Rosemary tea.
  6. Tea.
  7. Super-food.
  8. Coding.
  9. Song and dance.
  10. Late night. (The idea was to find if I am night owl or morning person.)

The result

The result shows that my performance peaked after song and dance. I do not know if the result is something to do with song and dance. I do not know if the effect is reproducible. But I know that there is an effect called the mozart-effect. I assume that did the trick.

Life is not darts game but a guided missile

The something we measure here may or may not have great effect in life. One important thing to note that life is more like guided missile than a simple dart. Once born we have inner power to change our path. And there are a lot more skills than just throwing the dart.


The results are affected by the causes that have immediate effects. But the things that take hours, months or more cannot be traced in this way of experiment. It may or may not demonstrate the effects of stimulants like tea or coffee or songs in short-term. I hope to come with more experiments on darts game, especially with the reproducibility of the effects. It is very interesting.