Wednesday, December 19, 2007

J2ME lcdui WML text rendering

Ever tried to write an about page or help documents for midlets? They does not look like as we want them. Or it is cumbersome job to write Canvas/Forms to display those. I have an idea to display a page containing wml text formatting tags. Yes I did it for the about page of MiniIM.

It is the that did the trick. MiniIM contains it's own windowing or GUI library upon lcdui GameCanvas. And WMLWindow is an addition to this library. Here is the wml file working behind the screen. I think you will enjoy writing advanced text formatting of wml document.

Are you interested about HTML rendering in J2ME or midlet ? Are you interested in showing full featured WML in J2ME or midlet ? I think we can start from here. Though it cannot render HTML forms nor navigate to links. But you can add the features if you badly need that. I can work with you in this point. I have already made the miniim.ui.core package independent. You can edit the source and contribute. And you can keep in contact with me of course.

After all these may be we cannot create full featured interface. But we can use tools to keep away the unsupported fats of HTML that we cannot effort here.

Now the new idea to implement is advanced text rendering support in list items, title .. everywhere :). Unfortunately the coloring is missing in WML standard.

Again if you have support for SVG library, the idea of WML may not be the right effort .. :(

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