Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Discussion Group

There is a new discussion group open for MiniIM project. Thanks go to google-group-team for such wonderful support. Vision, action and community support mean success.

Serializable kdom rocks

The kxml project means a lot for j2me. I have done some modification to make a document serializable in Recordstore. Here is the code. You can follow the usage examples in the code to make it work for you.

To use this code you just need to get the code from trunk. The obfuscator will skip the classes you do not use.

Browser features explained

Earlier I talked about my vision. In that application there are pages like "More", "About" they are rendered from markup files(more.xml, about.xml, ..) found here. They are following markup.dtd rules. Surely you can create documents on fly and work on DOM.

Note that it is svn-branch, the trunk is always containing the updated features.

And there are application-switches making it possible to interact with user. Here are the responsible code doing the magic.

The markup is not rich in features. It was good to follow an existing markup rule. I am hoping to do that in future. And I am keeping eye on for that.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

XMPP client with browser-like features

I am back to j2me again. In my earlier attempt I was trying to render a WML content. Now I am here with a little advanced browser like feature to show web content. Note that I have dropped the idea of writing WML renderer. I have added a markup renderer. To be specific it can render a list of markup items. Here we can show on line content. It is stylable on compile-time.

When I want to add some feature to my sweet application, it just gets bigger in size. And bigger size prevent it to work in low end mobile phones. So the idea is to write little j2me code and add most of the features in the servers. And here I am sharing the implementation of the idea in a hope that it gets richer and useful to you.

Similar efforts
There is something similar available in ZK project. And there is also a browser feature in j2mepolish project. I prefer mine, because I believe that it has very small footprint, it is light-weight(reuses objects) and I am willing to process any feature request that will suite this. Mobile Ajax is another interesting project.

Input fields
It has textbox, selection(multiple) box, checkbox, radio input ideas implemented. I am hoping to add some multimedia feature as well. Like an input box for image, sound etc and also playback of the media content.

It is tested on WTk monitor output that shows low object instantiation.

It is using document parser from kxml project. The document and elements there uses vectors and it makes the parsing little slower. I am looking for some alternative to this.

Thinking forward
I think this is a step forward to social features. The next thing to do is to write web application to represent information from social sites. I am now looking for any kind of reusable component for this. I mean I am not trying to reinvent. And it is hard to maintain too. If you think you have nice idea or have something to say please feel free post comment or email me directly.

Additionally it has a IM framework to develop end to end application too.

Please consider testing MiniIM in your mobile.